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Things will be changing around here

I know I don’t post as often as I should on this blog but perhaps that just as well as this domain will be the home of “Anton Mannering – A Digital Agency” as of next week.

We were delighted to soft launch this week with a skeleton crew and to take on board our first few clients. We hope that things continue as they have started.

Why start a new agency? Well I believe there is a huge opportunity in the Digital Marketing space for a first-things-first approach to Digital Marketing. We encourage clients to do a “Digital Reset” to engage with the issues that might affect their marketing efforts now and in the future.

Why first things first?

It is almost routine for marketers to find, even recently developed, websites that are not genuinely ready for marketing purposes. Obviously that is mildly ironic as marketing is usually the only purpose of a website. This leads to a lot of wasted time by marketers and clients correcting the setup so basic marketing elements can begin. Sometimes these projects limp along delivering only percentages of what is possible.

Our solution to this issue is threefold Build, Guide, Rectify or Rebuild .


We’ll design and build your website in a way that it is ready for your Digital Marketing team to take over and work immediately. We’ll work to ensure the specifics of your business are accounted for whether your marketing is internal, with us or with another agency.


Many clients work with quality design agencies that they trust to produce fantastic brand work that truly represents them. Our guide service is a consultancy approach to working with companies building web presences no matter their particular focus or location. Our aim is to ensure that your web presence is all it can be from a marketing perspective.

Rectify or Rebuild

Unfortunately web projects that don’t get proper Digital Marketing consideration often go wrong, and clients are caught between Digital Marketing Agencies who may not have the technical expertise to rectify the issues and a Web Design agency who do not understand the marketing implications or who are unwilling to make necessary changes at reasonable cost. Our Rectify or Rebuild service can take over maintenance of a web project and either rectify issues or if necessary rebuild from the ground up so that the clients marketing needs can be met.

What’s beyond the initial setup?

Digital Marketing Services

This first-things-first approach coupled with our full service Digital Marketing capabilities, allows us to deliver outstanding results from Digital campaigns. From SEO and PPC to Social Advertising and Conversion Optimisation, our aim is to deliver the results clients need with robust reporting and client dashboards to maintain transparency and trust.

IT Outsourcing and Outstaffing

My experience over the years has seen many engagements that required technical expertise to be available at a reasonable cost to clients. Unfortunately this hasn’t always been easy to achieve. We are delighted to offer this Outsourcing and Outstaffing service to all our clients, large and small, who may have product development or other technical needs through our outsourcing network around the world.

Wrapping up

We want to help make peoples experience of Digital Marketing better and make sure they get the results they need for their business.

We’ll see how it goes rocketeers… wish us luck!