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Simple And Easy

Simple and Easy

Repost from March 2012…

Great ideas, great marketing and even greats music is usually (not always) simple.

Beautifully magnificently, awesomely simple.

There is a habit, in our lazy use of language, of confusing the idea of simple with the idea of easy.

Making a point in a long rambling discussion is easy. It requires knowledge but because you have an engaged (or captive) audience, it doesn’t require hard work to deliver that knowledge. It might be “long” work but it’s not hard, it’s not difficult. Anyone can do it with enough time.

What if you don’t have a captive audience? What if you don’t have time? What if you need to grab them as they drive by, digitally or physically.

The message you see or hear is often simple. Trying to make it simple is the hard work.

Don’t think it’ll be easy, don’t do long and don’t do complex. Don’t be lazy

Do the hard work to make things simple.