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Jupiter Sparks: Childrens Book By A New Irish Author

Jupiter Sparks: Childrens Book by a new Irish Author

As I’ve said previously I know quite a few writers who are working on novels. One of those has just released their first novel on the kindle. “Jupiter Sparks” is the story of, well, Jupiter Sparks, a detective sent in search of a special code and of Joey and Cherry who end up being central in helping him.

The novel was written for the Author, E.C. Quigley’s son, who is now 12 (Full disclosure: He’s also my son). And fits a genre of children’s adventure books that have become quite popular recently. I’ll blush and admit I quite enjoyed it too.

Jupiter Sparks is available as an eBook from Amazon and will shortly be available as a hardback.

Jupiter Sparks Childrens BookHere’s the blurb:

You vanished once before, ran away instead of facing your demons. Cowardly actions, Mr Sparks, not the actions one would expect of a great detective.’

Jupiter Sparks is in trouble. Bound and imprisoned. His captor hunts a powerful memory code that, if unearthed, could have devastating consequences. Can Jupiter conquer the ghosts of his past and escape?

Jupiter needs help.

Step in: Joey Hopper and Cherry Chalk. 11 year old, accidental adventurers.

But are they up to the challenge?