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Halley Suitt Is Writing A Book…

Halley Suitt is writing a book…

I know lots of writers and lots of people who want to be writers. I know several people working on novels right now, some are published authors and some are talented beginners. Whether the end product is great or not I think it’s at least a worthy exercise on the part of the individual. And even terrible writing can be successful, look at “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

So I was delighted when I heard my friend Halley Suitt-Tucker, who has been writing in lots of ways for quite a long time is writing a book about entrepreneurship and startups. (Paddy’s Valley alumni might remember her as one of the bloggers who came and met us at the Buena Vista Café with Robert Scoble and Loic LeMeur.) It’s not a self-help guide or a tell-all though, it’s a fiction book set in a startup accelerator. Having been in the accelerator environment, as has Halley herself, I find the idea intriguing as a setting for a novel.

She has setup a Kickstarter campaign to help fund different parts of the production of the book so if it sounds like it’s something you’d like to read why not contribute a little to funding “Founders Less that Three”.

Halley has revealed a little about some of her characters on the kickstarter page too. My favourite is certainly the idea of a Venture Capitalist who regularly consults a Magic 8-Ball while making funding decisions. Not that I would ever think VC’s make such arbitrary decisions… 😉

I think it might be worth a few bucks just to see what she comes up with.