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Bloggity, Blog, Blogger.

So I unfortunately had to miss the end of the IWTC and the Blog Awards AND the WebCamp on Social Network Portability and I can’t go to Blogtalk.

I was feeling a bit annoyed about all that so I decided I’d head on down and catch up with a few people at the Bloggers Dinner last night. What a thoroughly lovely evening it was. Relaxed andĀ  sociable with conversation ranging from finance to social network portability to the future of RSS to weddings and of course the inevitable twitter/jaiku conversation (isn’t it a bit like that whole Blur/Oasis thing in the 90s?).

Organised by Tom Raftery via Damien Mulley and Alexia Golez it was a lovely evening with some great people. See who was there on the wiki here. It was good to meet Salim Ismail again as well, always a pleasure, and had a chat about the Israeli Web Tour who went over recently. He’s keeping shtum about what he’s up to over the next while but I suppose he probably has a few options eh?